Thursday, 10 September 2015

Requirments for a Successful BIM Project

Projects and lifecycle management can save time and costs on delivery and building management. BIM as a process needs to be planned and managed correctly to see the benefits of this process. Regularly in training people ask about running a BIM project. In this article I am going to talk about steps to be followed to ensure success of your BIM project. 

Look at the End before you start 

Planning is the key to any successful BIM project. The first step is to establish what & how the model & Information is going to be used. This will help inform you what needs to be  modelled and what information is required in the model.  Once you know what the model is going to be used for you map out what deliverables are required. For example

  • Is the model going to be used as a construction model
  • How is it going to be used for construction
  • Is the model going to used for FM & Lifecycle management.
  • How is it going to be used for FM & Lifecycle management.
These appear to be basic questions. But there are many projects where these are not addressed.

The BIM Execution Plan

A BIM execution plan needs to be developed to clearly define the goals and procedures of the BIM process. This is the BIM roadmap for the project. Without this the BIM boat will be rutherless.

BIM Standards and Procedures

Clearly defined modelling and drawing procedures need to be documented and outlined. 

BIM Kickoff Meeting

A BIM kickoff meeting should be held at the start of a project to discuss the BIM Execution plan and standards. Agree all the procedures and ensure everybody is on board with the process.

Training and Experience
Ensure all parties are properly equipped and trained in order to engage in the BIM process. This is essential. If one party does not have the correct training and equipment they can drag the project down.

BIM Policeman (Coordinator)

A person needs to be appointed to oversee the BIM process.  Their role is to 

  • Ensure that all parties are modelling to the agreed standards & Protocols
  • Run and coordinate BIM meetings 
  • Ensure all required information is being added to the model. 
  • Supporting the BIM process by advising the BIM parties on any technical issues. 

This person should have the following skill
  • Multi-discipline background to understand the needs of each discipline.
  • An excellent software knowledge
  • Good IT knowledge
  • A good people person
BIM is all about good planning at the start and constant communication during the project.

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