Friday, 8 April 2016

The importance of a BIM Execution Plan

During the course of our work we come across a lot of companies involved in BIM projects via our training and consultancy services. I am constantly seeing companies involved in BIM projects without a BIM Execution plan or an inadequate BIM Execution plan and the project running into trouble, costing more then it should or BIM just not working.

The BIM Execution plan which should be the first stage of any BIM process and should also be signed and agreed before the project starts.

 The BIM execution plan is a document that outlines the goals of the BIM process, how the collaboration will work, what is required by each party in the BIM process.

We are seeing companies running into some of the following issues,

  • Modelling more than is required
  • Not modelling enough and having to go back at the end of the project to add additional detail
  • Revit users using different versions of Revit. (Revit is not backwardly compatible)
  • Models at the wrong spatial location and not integrating successfully
  • Different software’s being used and no plan on how to integrate them
  • Collaboration not working or no collaboration
  • BIM process not working

All the above add to the costs of a project and are down to bad or no planning. A BIM project has to be run different to a CAD project. Planning is the key to a successful BIM project and the BIM Execution plan is a major part of that.

A BIM project should not start without an agreed Execution plan.  For more information on a successful BIM project see my previous blog

When a BIM project falls apart, people blame BIM. It’s not the fault of the BIM process it’s the lack of planning and understanding of the process.

The move to BIM is a real positive for the industry when done correctly. Before you engage in a BIM project ensure you have a BEP (BIM Execution Plan)

Dan Deery is the managing director of Siscín. Dan has over 20 years in the construction industry and has been using BIM since the mid 90’s. He also worked as a programmer for a CAD software company. Siscín  specialise in BIM Consultancy, Customisation, training,visualisation and animation for the Infrastructure, Engineering, Construction, Facilities and Architectural industries. Check out our Website

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